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A new wave affinity
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Magnitude is redefining affinity insurance partnerships, helping large travel corporations earn additional income on their existing resources with innovative, tailor-made insurance and IT solutions.

Traditional insurance can be costly for airline and ferry companies. We think that should change. We work with our partners to provide a different type of insurance package, one that creates revenue for the customer, not just the insurance company. 

We have almost 20 years experience independently representing the global interests of some of the most complicated and demanding European travel brands. We not only know the system, but we understand how we can change it. 

Our reputation is built on experience, personal service and innovation. For the last eight years, we have been developing solutions to help airline and ferry companies break the cycle of insurance cost, building mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships which minimise the risk and maximise the profit for our clients.

Our Approach

From strong
to innovating

We are not just an insurance broker. Magnitude is committed to helping large travel corporations make better management decisions, changing the way their insurance partnerships work to significantly increase profit.

Our bespoke insurance products and services are specifically designed around your needs, with superior underwriting, claims management and loss control services that are tailored to suit your company, allowing clients to set their own profit margins while maintaining an ability to swiftly and effectively respond to changes in each industry segment we serve.

Additionally, we help our clients provide a better service to their customers. Using specialised IT tools, we can organise segmented data, creating a detailed profile that helps with personalised service and cross-selling. The result is that end customers feel individually recognised and taken care of, while companies earn, rather than spend on insurance.


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a global scale.

Over nine million passengers are already benefitting from our innovative program in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

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We are always searching for clients interested in new and innovative ways of doing things. Whether you’re ready today or want to just connect, we’d love to hear from you.

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